Bitaccess Bitcoin Machines

Easiest Way to Buy and Sell Bitcoin


5 Easy Steps to Buy bitcoin:

1) Enter phone #

2) Enter Verification Code sent to phone (takes 3-5 seconds to receive)

3) Click "Buy" 

4) If buying, insert desired amount of CAD

5) Click "All Done" when finished and bitcoins will arrive within a minute or two

To Sell Bitcoin follow same steps 1&2 as above:

3) Select "Sell"  

4) Select "Continue" to have a link to sent by SMS to your phone

5) Follow steps on the web page to select the amount you wish to sell. A quote for the number of bitcoins required will be displayed*

6) Clicking "I agree" will display the address to send bitcoins to.**

7) After 3 confirmations on the blockchain you'll receive a new SMS message indicating your cash is ready. Return to the BTM and authnticate with your phone number to display the "Redeem" button.


* You will need to select and add a transaction fee when sending bitcoins. Ensure your wallet balance has enough for the sell and the transaction fee. Low-priority fees can cause delays with confirmations.

** 3 methods are presented, clicking the QR code (option 3) will launch your wallet application and pre-populate a send transaction with address and number of bitcoins 

Due to the delay involved with confirmations we suggest you initiate sells remotely at allowing you to pick up the cash from the machine after confirmations are complete without waiting around. 


Bitcoin Consulting 


Want to Start Accepting bitcoin?


Take advantage of our free bitcoin consulting services to answer any and all questions and help get you started


Check Out our What is Bitcoin? page to learn the basics of Bitcoin. For a more complex and detailed approach Contact Us and we'd be happy to get back to you via email




C: 705.825.3825

C: 705.477.4864 

DISCLAIMER: All digital currencies purchased at our BTMs are irreversible. In No event shall Crypto-Kiosk Inc. be held liable to any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of any Crypto-Kiosk Inc. BTM.

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